RICHARD PRINCE, It’s a Free Concert Now, 2015 [LP vinyl]


RICHARD PRINCE, It’s a Free Concert Now, 2015
31,3 x 31,5 cm
screen print on vinyl, 12 inch LP, black sleeve in plastic bag
A-side: It’s a Free Concert Now / B-side: Record House, 2012
limited edition
published by Brigade Commerz, Pforzheim, Germany
mint condition
€ 340,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.RPri 201-pr




Richard Prince says about the vinyl covered house depicted on the label:
“Record House is located on Righter Rd. right down from my studio in upstate NY. It once was a hunting cabin. After I bought it, I removed the porch that surrounded it. I bought a lot of records on e-bay and cut them into shapes of shingles and nailed them up all over the structure. Vinyl and wax siding.”