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LILY VAN DER STOKKER, Decent, tidy, 2014

foto: K. van Gelder. Amsterdam


LILY VAN DER STOKKER, Decent, tidy, 2014
37.2 x 48.4 x 17.2 cm
acrylic paint, wood, closet paper roll
series of 4 unique pieces
signed, dated with number 3

This edition is a series of unique pieces. The flowers have different colours from piece to piece.

artist's books RICHTER, GERHARD

GERHARD RICHTER, Abstract Painting 825-II, 69 Details, 1996 (signed, stamp numbered)

GERHARD RICHTER, Abstract Painting 825-II, 69 Details, 1996
19,2 x 12,3 x 1,5 cm (18,4 x 12,3)
artist’s book, English, HC, including slipcase
signed with fountain pen, stamp numbered, here number 771
edition 1000, of which 100 signed copies issued in English as Special Edition
published by Insel Verlag / for this edition Scalo, Zurich-Berlin-New York, USA
€ 780,- plus € 15,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.GRich 000-pr

This artist’s book is part of a Special Edition:
850 copies in German; 50 copies in French; 100 copies in English, signed and ink stamp numbered on the last page, subtitled on the fifth page: ‘Für Elise’;
(32 copies, signed in ink, subtitled on the fifth page: ‘Für Elise’, marked in felt-tip pen on the last page: h.c.)
inv.GRich 667

Regular edition: 4,090 copies in German, 5,000 copies in English


Afterword in English by Hans Ulrich Obrist.


History of prices:
Antiquariat/Galerie Buchholz, Cologne, Germany € 680,- 16 April 2020 (‘Für Elise’)
Buchhandlung Klaus Bittner, Cologne, Germany € 498,- 16 April 2020
Antiquariat Udo Schwörer, Pforzheim, Germany € 450,- 16 April 2020
Dashwood Books, New York, USA US$ 400,- 16 April 2020
eBay-zwilling90, Morfelden-Waldorf, Germany € 86,05 February 2007
eBay-marc79, Hannover, Germany € 91,37 August 2005
eBay-marc79, Hannover, Germany US$ 152.51 3 February 2004