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multiples SAITO, TAKAKO

TAKAKO SAITO, Ein Buch des Mikadobuchs, 1986

TAKAKO SAITO, Ein Buch des Mikadobuchs, 1986
12,5 x 15,5 x 1,7 cm
unique series of 20
book and tooth pick in wooden box
not available; ask for details

The whole edition of ‘Ein Buch des Mikadobuchs’ forms a stack of paper sheets. Out of these asymmitrical cut outs 20 stabbed book blocks have been made, each ca 9 x 8 cm in size. The white silk paper pages are bound with a hand coloured cut off Mikado pin, to which a loose hand coloured tooth pick has been added. There is an original pencil drawing on top of each wooden box showing in red colour pencil the part, bound as book, of this Mikado puzzle book.

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