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Sep 142016


WILLEM DE RIDDER, De Verdwenen Werken van Willem de Ridder, 2016
14,8 x 19,8 cm
DVD, ceramic tile, certificate as PK
text in Dutch
signed, numbered
8 versions in various shapes, frames and editions
here nr 20/55

Willem de Ridder decided to have a dvd produced of a documentary film about his lost artworks in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, i.e. 8 signed and numbered versions in various framings and editions between 8 and 35. Using walkmans one could rent in a nearby gallery, De Ridder guided visitors through the museum, showing them artworks he had been placing in the museum since the early 1990s.
inv.WdeRid VK1-655


interview with Adinda Akkerman (in Dutch)