YOKO ONO, Grow Love with Me, 2013

YOKO ONO, Grow Love with Me, 2013
height ca 10, diameter 6 cm
aluminium can with glued matte paper label, plastic lid, bean,
manual with growing instructions in 4 languages, colophon on label of Serpentine Gallery
initials in print
edition unknown
added: label Serpentine Gallery
published by Serpentine Gallery, London, England

This artwork consists of a ‘magic bean’, which when grown, reveals the word LOVE. Laser etched onto the seed by a patented process, the word first appears on the outer seed coat covering the inner cotyledon. Without coaxing, after a day or two the seed coat will fall away to reveal the word on the inner cotyledon. At first the inner cotyledon is yellow, but with the addition of sunlight quickly turns green. The seed then begins to splay open, shooting a leaf upward, bearing the same word LOVE.



Added label by Serpentine Gallery: