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Aug 182012
DAAN VAN GOLDEN, Apperception, 2012

DAAN VAN GOLDEN, Apperception, 2012 80 special editions signed by the artist and including a piece of 20 x 20 cm of the original wrapping paper which the artist produced in 2000 for the flower shop / exhibition space Brutto Gusto. Wiels, Brussels, Belgium, € […]

Jul 092012
DAAN VAN GOLDEN, Violen, 1991-2012

DAAN VAN GOLDEN, Violen, 1991-2012 32 x 32 cm colour photo edition 100 + 30 AP signed, numbered En/Of part of Bottrop-boy, Kleve, Germany Collection Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam, Netherlands p.o.r. En/Of 046 was released on the occasion of an exhibition Daan van Golden at De Hallen […]

Jan 271971
DAAN VAN GOLDEN, Untitled, 1971

DAAN VAN GOLDEN, Untiled, 1971 75 x 56 cm screen print in 6 colours, coloured paper verso signed, dated, numbered edition 25 (unknown if the edition of 25 was issued as published) Opposite to printed matter for Daan van Golden when it comes to making […]