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May 282019
YOKO ONO, Sognare, 2007 [poster]

The verb “sognare” is Italian for dreaming and Yoko Ono has often stated that ‘A dream you dream alone is just a dream, but a dream you dream together is reality’. She has consistently expressed her faith in the power of positive wishing. As a Fluixus artist she likes to make instruction pieces like e.g. “Painting to be Constructed in Your Head” (1962). In many cases Yoko Ono affirms the power of the viewer, by inviting him to become a co-creator of the work.

Jan 032019
YOKO ONO, Shadow Pieces, 1991 [8 postcards]

YOKO ONO, Shadow Pieces, 1991 each 12.4 x 17.4 cm 8 postcards, cellophane envelope with sticker published by The Reykjavik Municipal Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland Shadow Piece No 1 – “Me and My Shadows” Shadow Piece No 2 – “Three Beings One Shadow” Shadow Piece […]

Jan 052015
YOKO ONO, Mended Cups and Unbroken Cup, 2015

YOKO ONO, Mended Cups and Unbroken Cup, 2015 17 x 29 x 29 cm print on ceramics, 14 parts in display box, leaflet, tag, folded poster published by Illy Art Collection, Italy Collection Kees van Gelder, Amsterdam “Mended Cups and Unbroken Cup” consists of six […]

May 172013
YOKO ONO, Arising, 2013

YOKO ONO, Arising, 2013 4,5 x 4,5 x 4,5 cm pebble in cardboard box, printed text on lid edition unknown   Yoko Ono made a call to women of all ages from around the world to send her their stories of how they had suffered […]

May 092013
YOKO ONO, Grow Love with Me, 2013

YOKO ONO, Grow Love with Me, 2013 height ca 10, diameter 6 cm aluminium can with glued matte paper label, plastic lid, bean, manual with growing instructions in 4 languages, colophon on enfolded label of Serpentine Gallery initials in print edition unknown published by Serpentine […]

Sep 252012
YOKO ONO, Imagine Peace, 2012

Imagine Piece is Yoko Ono’s worldwide initiative of anti-violence. This ongoing project uses internet projects, posters, thoughts, badges and a multitude of other medias to communicate its message of peace to the global community. Here she used a beach towel.