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Jul 242019
JUTTA KOETHER & STEVEN PARRINO, invitation Black Bonds, 2002

‘Jutta and I had a discussion about failed paintings. Maybe the color wasn’t right or they were fucked-up in some way (physically, ideologically, or by situation). Our solution was to save them by blacking them out, canceling the image/object. A positive/negative, deconstruct to reconstruct, chaos to order to chaos… We decided to show these reclaimed paintings and dedicate the show to George Grosz’s Deathdada, caught in the flux between dissonance and consonance.’ Steven Parrino 2001

May 141993
STEVEN PARRINO, Black Flag, 1993

STEVEN PARRINO, Black Flag, 2003 42 x 30 cm portfolio of 4 sheets edition 15 signed, numbered, name stamped published by Galerie de Multiple, Paris, France not available STEVEN PARRINO was among other things known for wiping out texts with his black marker in order […]