GALERIE VAN GELDER Bericht 1, 1992 [news letter]

GALERIE VAN GELDER Bericht 1, 1992
29,7 x 21 cm
photo copy, vintage
edition ca 35
published by Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam
inv.GvG 000

This is the first newsletter of Galerie van Gelder issued in the beginning of June 1992. It announces the gallery’s participation of Art Basel ’92, being a co-operation of five galleries. This was initiated by John M Armleder who also coined the name “Associated Publishers”. For that he designed a logo “AP” that was supposed to promote a co-operation of publishers in Geneva, Cologne, Amsterdam and New York. An edition “AP” was made by galerie van Gelder Editions on an enamel door plate. The image depicts the letters AP inside a tumbled zero.

STEVEN PARRINO, postcard, 1993 [post stamped card]

STEVEN PARRINO, postcard, 1993
stamp dated 30 July
14,8 x 10,5 cm
condition: diagonal fold, due to postal handling

A hand written text on this post card refers to a scheduled solo exhibition in Galerie van Gelder in Amsterdam that took place from 16 October till 11 November 1993. Ad hoc in the gallery space Steven Parrino painted ‘Creeping eye’ (1993), made of lacquer and stitches on canvas. He installed the four canvasses touching each other making that wall piece into a size of 200 x 400 x 30 cm altogether. Years later just after his fatal motor cycle accident in 2005 this works was auctioned for US$ 575.000,-

PIERRE LEGUILLON, The Museum of Mistakes, 2020

PIERRE LEGUILLON, The Museum of Mistakes, 2020
26,7 x 20,2 cm
HC, dust cover, 242 pp.
first edition 800 of which 100 are signed, dated and numbered with separately a dedication in print, ink stamp
including entrance ticket; here number 72
dedicated to Aditya Mandayam
published by Edition Patrick Frey, Zurich, Switzerland


In August 2020 Edition Patrick Frey offered a special edition on behalf of the launch of artist’s book “The Museum of Mistakes”. When ordered any name could be given that would become ‘part of the publication’ it was announced. It was not told how the name would become part of an entrance ticket to The Museum of Mistakes on name for life. The ticket reads:

‘Ticket valid for Aditya Mandayam.
Ticket valid from August 20, through forever.
Ticket can be used for any visit.
Ticket can be used for an unlimited number of guests.
Please retain this ticket for future visits.
Food and drinks allowed in rooms.
Photographs welcome!’

The deceased Indian artist Aditya Mandayam (1983-2019) will never be able to make use of this entrance ticket. The same counts for special edition number 71 that is dedicated to Steven Parrino (1958-2005). These tickets valid for ever are dedicated to these too young died and out spoken artists. KvG

In 2021 a second print was published: This is the first book to present a wide selection of works from the Musée des Erreurs, or Museum of Mistakes. Founded in Brussels in 2013 by Pierre Leguillon, the Musée des Erreurs is a traveling exhibition that encamps in the halls of brick-and-mortar museums—like a traveling circus that comes to town—and then moves on. The rest of the time, the collection is stored in the artist’s studio apartment, mainly in his kitchen cupboards. Most of the items are serially manufactured and of negligible material value: postcards, record sleeves, posters large and small, pieces of fabric, ceramics, folk art, children’s drawings, and other miscellany.

JUTTA KOETHER & STEVEN PARRINO, E-flux invitation Black Bonds, 2002

29,7 x 21 cm
print out on paper
mail from E-flux for Black Bonds in Swiss Institute, New York, USA

Black Bonds was an exhibition which reinvented anti-art’s collaborative spirit.
‘Our solution was to save them by blacking them out, canceling the image/object. A positive/negative, deconstruct to reconstruct, chaos to order to chaos… We decided to show these reclaimed paintings and dedicate the show to George Grosz’s Deathdada, caught in the flux between dissonance and consonance.’ Steven Parrino 2001
inv.SP 746

OLIVIER MOSSET & STEVEN PARRINO, “Studio photo”, n.d. [1990]

OLIVIER MOSSET & STEVEN PARRINO, “Studio photo”, n.d. [1990]
20,1 x 25,3 cm
analogue photo print, unframed
numbered, signed by both artists
edition 50
published by Galerie Pierre Huber, Geneva, Switzerland

In this picture the cars of Olivier Mosset and Steven Parrino are parked in front of their adjacent studios in Brooklyn. This picture was taken in 1990 and Mosset and Parrino called it their “Studio photo” ever since.
SP 610


STEVEN PARRINO, catalogue 1990 [Post-it with original drawing]

STEVEN PARRINO, catalogue 1990 [Post-it with original drawing]
25 x 21 cm
2 yellow Post-its glued in as mailed, instructions, drawing and availability of work, ballpoint ink
signed with initials
excellent condition
inv.SP 000-pr

This catalogue “Olivier Mosset & Steven Parrino” is published in 1990 by Galerie Pierre Huber, Geneva, Switzerland. Two Post-it papers were tipped in by Steven Parrino for availability of works to be hung in Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam in 1993. The first Post-it paper contains a drawing describing a wrong hang of one of his paintings as reproduced in the catalogue.

STEVEN PARRINO, untitled, 1993 [Iggy Pop-invite/collage]

STEVEN PARRINO, untitled, 1993 [Iggy Pop]
25 x 16,2 cm
photo copy / collage
uncut invite, verso: duct tape, artist’s name ink stamped
edition 10
published by Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam
€ 960,- + € 18,- registered EU mail

Steven Parrino was known for having a preference for black, i.e. black cloths, black sunglasses, black paint on canvas, black noise, black duct tape (although he preferred to wrap his crumpled canvasses in silver coloured duct tape). Vintage cars, Harley Davidson motorbikes and Chevrolet motor blocks were also among his favorites to use in his art. The shortening “SS” for Super Sport is a signature performance option package offered by Chevrolet on a limited number of its vehicles. All SS models come with distinctive “SS” markings on their exterior. The SS package was first made available for the 1961 Impala. Here Steven Parrino combined a motor block with a mooning Iggy Pop (?) in black and white on an uncut invitation card. For the occasion of his show an improvised edition was issued.


STEVEN PARRINO, a.o., photograph in Mèle Chaud ou La Collection en Poche, 1992

Mèle Chaud ou la Collection en poche, 1992
16,8 x 12,7 cm / 6.5 x 5 inches
unpaginated exhibition catalogue; pocket photo album with 18 color photographs
edition 50, here number 34/50
very good condition, although tear in spine of plastic sleeve
produced by Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre, Paris, France
extremely rare
€ 1.200,- plus registered mail
inv.SP 000-pr

Participating artists: Carl Andre, J.C. Lefevre, H. Scharnagl, Daniel Buren, S. Parrino, J.-P. Bertrand, L. L’Hermitte, On Kawara, R. Hains, E. Wurm, Olivier Mosset and H. Yongping.