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Jun 192017
HENK PEETERS, Correspondentie 1997-1998 [word play]

HENK PEETERS, Correspondentie 1997-1998 [word play]: Ausstellung Henk in Sicht diverse maten brieven, briefjes, bewerkte prentbriefkaart, correspondentie met Albert Waalkens, Karin Wiertz, Kinke Kooi, Roland Schimmel, Noëlle Cuppens, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Joke Robaard, Sanna van Ooy, Fred Wagemans en Mark Peeters inv.HP 448

Jan 032006
HENK PEETERS, truus-3, 2006

HENK PEETERS, truus-3, 2006 ca 24 x 18 cm, unfolded as issued 120 x 150 cm offset, screen print edition 70 signed, dated, numbered (here nr 03/70) published by PlaatsMaken, Arnhem, Netherlands   truus-3,  unfolded and framed:

Jul 061999
HENK PEETERS, rain of featers, 1999

HENK PEETERS, rain of featers, 1999 19 x 14,2 cm feather hand glued on cover of booklet, DVD in jewell box unique signed series of 30 signed, dated, numbered published by Bifrons Foundation, Amsterdam 1999 € 600,- regular or signed+dated+numbered regular edition €90,00 EURsigned edition […]

Aug 261998
HENK PEETERS, Zero stamp, 1998

HENK PEETERS, Zero stamp, 1998 3,5 x 3 cm screen print in white, stamp, invitation card (21 x 14,8 cm) edition unknown This invitation card of Stichting Galerie de Boer-Waalkens, Finsterwolde in The Netherlands was send by mail. A limited amount of people received the […]