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multiples PEETERS, HENK printed matter

HENK PEETERS, Zero stamp, 2011 [Nul postzegel]

HENK PEETERS, Nul postzegel, 2011
10,1 x 14,7 cm
sheet of three stamps, 3 postcards, envelope
published by Stedelijk Museum, Schiedam, Netherlands

PEETERS, HENK printed matter

HENK PEETERS, Mooi!, 2000 [fax print]

HENK PEETERS, Mooi!, 2000
21 x 29.7 cm
unique fax print

In 2000 Galerie van Gelder invited Henk Peeters for a solo exhibition for which he proposed to cover the gallery space with artificial grass and cow hides on the walls. For that an invitation card was made that he apparently liked and commented with ‘Mooi!’, meaning ‘Beautiful!.

PEETERS, HENK printed matter

HENK PEETERS, Correspondentie 1997-1998 [word play]

HENK PEETERS, Correspondentie 1997-1998 [word play]: Ausstellung Henk in Sicht
diverse maten
brieven, briefjes, bewerkte prentbriefkaart, correspondentie met Albert Waalkens, Karin Wiertz, Kinke Kooi, Roland Schimmel, Noëlle Cuppens, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Joke Robaard, Sanna van Ooy, Fred Wagemans en Mark Peeters
inv.HP 448

artist's books multiples PEETERS, HENK

HENK PEETERS, Echt = Henk Peeters, 2011


HENK PEETERS, Echt = Henk Peeters, 2011
23 x 18 cm
hand written text on sewn facsimile catalogue “Henk Peeters”
signed, dated
edition 25
€ 420,- plus registered mail

Henk Peeters added the text ‘ECHT =” on 25 catalogues printed in facsimile and signed them. It is a ZERO / Nul catalogus from 1964 of which the pages have been sewn together on a sewing machine. It has a shape of a half circle following the outline of the depicted zero on the cover. Together with the other half on the back of the booklet showing the same outline te action forms a whole zero.
inv.HP 346

Ref. press release GEM, The Hague, Netherlands

artist's books PEETERS, HENK prints

HENK PEETERS, truus-3, 2006


HENK PEETERS, truus-3, 2006
ca 24 x 18 cm, unfolded as issued 120 x 150 cm
offset, screen print
edition 70
signed, dated, numbered (here nr 03/70)
published by PlaatsMaken, Arnhem, Netherlands


truus-3,  unfolded and framed:


films multiples PEETERS, HENK

HENK PEETERS, rain of feathers, 1999 [signed DVD]

HENK PEETERS, rain of feathers, 1999
19 x 14,2 cm
feather hand glued on cover of booklet, DVD in jewell box
series of 30 unique collages on couver of 16 pp. inserted booklet
signed, dated, numbered
published by Bifrons Foundation, Amsterdam 1999
€ 500,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered EU mail

In 1998 Thora Johansen, director of the Bifrons Foundation in Amsterdam, invited Henk Peeters to make a film for her Flash project that found its premiere with nine DVD’s in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in 1999. Peeters very soon came up with an idea of having a rain of white feathers coming down on a glass plate until this was completely covered with a layer of down. It was filmed in colour with a blue background, added with music of invited composer and guitarist Eric Calmes. For the second request to make also a very short film of one minute Henk Peeters decided to have the film in negative run backwards within the given sixty seconds.

multiples PEETERS, HENK prints

HENK PEETERS, Zero stamp, 1998


HENK PEETERS, Zero stamp, 1998
3,5 x 3 cm
screen print in white, stamp, invitation card (21 x 14,8 cm)
edition unknown

This invitation card of Stichting Galerie de Boer-Waalkens, Finsterwolde in The Netherlands was send by mail. A limited amount of people received the card with a stamp invalidated with a hand stamped text ‘Port betaald Winschoten’.



HENK PEETERS, Zero stamp, envelope with letter, 1998
16,3 x 23 cm
stamp, screen print
edition unknown
published by the artist, includes letter d.d. 20.03.1998 with Dutch text about his exhibition “Zero international” in Nice and his coming exhibition in Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam.

During the opening of “Zero international” in Nice Henk Peeters was thanked by and introduced to mayor Jean-Marie Le Pen. He refused to shake hands with the French leader of the National Front party.


HENK PEETERS, Ausstellung Henk in Sicht? zu sehen im…., 1998 [two postcards]

HENK PEETERS, Ausstellung Henk in Sicht? zu sehen im…, 1998
10,5 x 24,8 cm / 10,3 x 24,8 cm
offset, ink and tip-ex, postcards

This work is unique and could be considered as a bagatelle. The handwritten text about a meeting for a coming exhibition and an altered invitation card shows the spirit and humor of Henk Peeters.