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HENK PEETERS, rain of featers, 1999

HENK PEETERS, rain of featers, 1999
19 x 14,2 cm
feather hand glued on cover of booklet, DVD in jewell box
unique signed series of 30
signed, dated, numbered
published by Bifrons Foundation, Amsterdam 1999
€ 600,-

regular or signed+dated+numbered

In 1998 Thora Johansen, director of the Bifrons Foundation in Amsterdam, invited Henk Peeters to make a film for her Flash project that found its premiere with nine DVD’s in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in 1999. Peeters very soon came up with an idea of having a rain of white feathers coming down on a glass plate until this was completely covered with a layer of down. It was filmed in colour with a blue background, added with music of invited composer and guitarist Eric Calmes. For the second request to make also a very short film of one minute Henk Peeters decided to have the film in negative run backwards within the given sixty seconds.

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