YAYOI KUSAMA, Narcissus Garden, 1966 – 1999 [mirror ball, 2001]

YAYOI KUSAMA, Narcissus Garden, 1966 – 1999
ca 28 x 18 x 20 cm
plastic mirror ball, transparent plastic mini bag, ribbon, printed tag
edition 1500
mint condition; pristine ball in clear transparent plastic bag
very rare in this mint condition
published by Les Abattoirs, Lyon, France
inv.YKus 000-pr

This mirror ball in transparant plastic bag was shown in “Een goed in de weg staande tafel” curated by Jack Jaeger in Galerie van Gelder in 2001. A catalogue was issued.
In spite of its description being an edition of 1500 this multiple as shown above is difficult to find. It is known that the original version of plastic balls shown in the Venice Biennale in 1966 was produced in an edition of 1500, but one may wonder what has happened with the other 1499 copies. This apparently smaller plastic version is put in a plastic mini bag with tag saying: YAYOI KUSAMA One of the 1500 mirror balls of Narcissus Garden 1966-1999.


Added information
At least one version of the yellow tag circulates, printed with another date i.e. ‘1966 – 2001’. Also the ribbon has been replaced by a chain. So the tag of the above ball was produced in 1999, the one pictured below in 2001. KvG

Example of a tag with chain instead of ribbon, with slightly aged plastic bag. This tag is of a later date, namely 1966-2001.