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Aug 052018
YANN SÉRANDOUR, Folded to Fit, 2018

YANN SÉRANDOUR, Folded to Fit, 2018 84 x 59,4 cm (folded to 54 x 42 cm) silkscreen print, wooden stick (80 x 1 cm) signed, numbered edition 15 + 10 AP published by More Publishers, Bussels, Belgium This edition is made after a found herbarium-page, […]

Dec 232007
YANN SÉRANDOUR, L' Espace lui-même, 2007

YANN SÉRANDOUR, L’ Espace lui-même, 2007 110 x 80 cm screen print on newspaper edition 100, signed, numbered published by Cneai, Chatou and La Box – Cellule X, ENSA/École Nationale Supérieure d’Art, Bourges, France The work of Yann Sérandour is similar to the work of a […]

Nov 172006
YANN SÉRANDOUR, Cahiers Clairefontaine, 2006

YANN SÉRANDOUR, Cahiers Clairefontaine, 2006 ca 22 x 17 cm, school notebooks with lined pages in six colours, stapled, each 32 pp. edition 1500, of which 32 numbered, signed with insert of original ink drawing on tracing paper produced by Cahiers Clairefontaine, Paris, France     […]

May 172006
YANN SÉRANDOUR, Helvetica as Metallica, 2006

Helvetica as Metallica, 2006 wood cut print 49 x 59 cm edition 20 numbered, signed printed by David Liaudet, Esbam, Le Mans, France The inversion of two extremely opposed visual identities. Helvetica is a sans serife font created in 1957 by Swiss graphic designer Max […]

May 182003
YANN SÉRANDOUR, BHKW, 2003 [badge]

Yann Sérandour, BHKW, 2003 diameter 32 mm badge photograph Seth Siegelaub 1969 1st edition 100 2nd edition 200, produced in 2005 published by Alice Travel Cie, Paris, France not available Yann Sérandour made a badge from a photograph taken by Seth Siegelaub on the occasion […]