LILY VAN DER STOKKER, Edition Griffelkunst, 2001 [offset, signed in print]


LILY VAN DER STOKKER, (design wallpainting 7m high with flu yellow couch, in light blue, 2000), 2001
33,6 x 39,3 cm
lithographic offset
verso: signed in print
edition 1000
published by Edition Griffelkunst, Hamburg, Germany
very good condition

This print comes from a set of 5 prints published by Griffelkunst. Verso with text: ‘Lily van der Stokker, Edition griffelkunst 2001, einmalige Auflage (design wallpainting 7m high with fluo yellow couch, in light blue, 2000)’


Hardly detectable stock aging at right back side:
inv. LvdS314