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Aug 252016


WILLEM DE RIDDER, De Verdwenen Werken van Willem de Ridder, 2016
DVD, rope, cloth pin, black frame,
ink stamped certificate crumpled into a PK, id est Papier Konstellatie as ink stamped certificate,
printed matter with plan of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and list of lost works
extra DVD for use as issued
signed on glass, numbered
edition 7
published by Stichting Hai-Nun, Zaandam, The Netherlands

Willem de Ridder decided to have a dvd produced – 8 signed and numbered versions in various editions between 8 and 35 – of a documentary film about his lost artworks in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Using walkmans one could rent in a nearby gallery, De Ridder guided visitors through the museum, showing them artworks he had been placing in the museum since the early 1990s.
inv.WdeRid VK8-662


interview with Adinda Akkerman (in Dutch)