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Jun 262013

MAURIZIO CATTELAN, I Always Remember A Face, Especially When I’ve Sat On It, 2013
picture vinyl LP, 14 tracks
edition 1000
published by The Vinyl Factory / Toilet Paper,     price in year of issue   GBP 25.-   June 2013

The music on this vinyl compilation reflects the Toilet Paper magazine run by Maurizio Cattelan featuring music by a cast including Malcolm McLaren, Gene Vincent, Pierre Schaeffer and Judy Garland.

Cattelan’s art practice is known for one as making jokes about others. In 1995 he taxidermied horses, donkeys, mice and dogs. One of his best known sculptures, ‘La Nona Ora’ consists of an wax cast effigy of Pope John Paul II in full ceremonial dress being crushed by a meteor. Another of Cattelan’s quirks is his use of a ‘stand-in’ in media interviews with non-sensical explanations.